Rental of Modular Deck Equipment

Plug and Play Solutions for Cable Installation, Storage and Transport

  • Product capacity from 1,000 to 7,000 Te;
  • Adjustable diameter for inner hub and outer wall;
  • Outer diameter expandable from 15 to 28 metres;
  • Optional partition zones;
  • Integrated grillage for sheerleg lifting or SPMT operations;
  • Hydraulically driven, in-built redundancy, simple replacement.
Specs BC01
Specs BC02
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  • Containerised vertical caterpillar track type;
  • Maximum capacity of 10-15 Te outboard tension;
  • Compatible with products of 50-500 mm diameter;
  • Max. Line Speed of 900 m/hr;
  • Read out of squeeze force, product speed and pull tension;
  • Control via control cabin HMI, locally or belly box.
Spec Sheet 10 Te
Spec Sheet 15 Te
EDT Tensioner specification
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  • Multi-section design to increase mobilisation flexibility;
  • Loading arm controllable from operator cabin;
  • Including tower tensioner for product handling;
  • Closed HPU section, dry store and workshop facility;
  • Integrated extra storage facility.
  • Cable catenary system.
Specs LT BC01
Specs LT BC02
Specs CC sys
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  • Available in configurations with product loading capacities of 300 Te and 600 Te;
  • Maximum reel flange diameter 9.8 m or 11.4 m depending on configuration;
  • Suitable for 2.25 m diameter drive hubs;
  • Max. rotational speed of 5 rpm;
  • Max. product tension at reel rim of 30 Te;
  • System gross weight approximately 55 to 65 Te.
600 Te
300 Te
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Over-boarding chutes are used for loading and offloading a product respectively to and from a vessel. The main purpose of the chute is to offer a smooth and safe transition between the vessel and the transfer platform, which could be another vessel, an onshore factory or the seabed. Chutes may also be used to guide a product over a loading tower.

Blue Offshore is able to provide steel-plated as well as PU-coated roller type over-boarding chutes. Our chutes are generally custom designed to suit the specific product range and to fit the vessel used.

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