For our good customer NTG Projects a/s, mid February 2023, our two 23m basket carousels with each 5,000 ton payload capacity, and 2 deck tensioners, have been mobilized in Rotterdam to provide a 7,000Te cable transport from Scandinavia to East Coast United States of America.

Both basket carousels are positioned inside the holds of a large cargo vessel. The scope of work for Blue Offshore includes assisting project management, engineering, key equipment including power supply and HPUs, and all cable crew to operate the basket carousels and tensioners for cable loading and un-loading. Blue Offshore expects all equipment back in Rotterdam 2nd half April 2023.

“For confidentiality reasons, Blue Offshore or NTG Projects is not allowed to provide name of end client, name of vessel, details location of cable loading and unloading, and cable details”.