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Teras Offshore specializes in marine logistics and support services, with expertise especially in the offshore oil and gas industries. Teras Offshore develops, owns, and charters strategic offshore assets. Teras currently owns one of the largest fleets of ballastable vessels used in the commissioning and decommissioning of offshore oil and gas platforms. In addition Teras Offshore owns the largest and most sophisticated class of liftboat in the world – the multi-purpose self-propelled jack-up rig ‘liftboat’ and was among the first to introduce it to Southeast Asia.

Blue Offshore has a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Teras Offshore, which owns heavy haul project cargo vessels such as the Teras Mercury and the Teras Navigator which are categorised as heavy deck cargo ships and allow for roll-on roll-off operations. These vessels offer great possibilities for carrying monopiles, transition pieces, topside modules and various kinds of other heavy cargo. Additionally they can be operated as fast transit vessels with an estimated average speed of 9 to 11 knots carrying up to 3,500 and 13,000 metric tonnes of cargo respectively.